Qlik Sense Desktop - Connection


Is it possible to connect to the Qlik Sense Desktop?
If so, did I have to insert user and password?

When I refund the connector and as ip = localhost, the port = 4848 is entered, the message “wrong credentials”.
I tried to specify my qlik.com user as well as the Windows authentication.

Can someone help me?

Thank you

Currently EasyMorph can only reload QMC tasks in Qlik Sense (server). Since Qlik Sense Desktop doesn’t have QMC, no connection possible.

If not a secret, what for would you like to connect to Qlik Sense Desktop? Maybe it can be achieved in another way.

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I want to run Qlik Sense Desktop on my machine. Then an app should be updated automatically every 5 minutes.
I was hoping that EasyMorph Professional could do the job with the Schaduler.

I see. That would be trivial to do with EasyMorph for Qlik Sense Server, but not for Qlik Sense Desktop, unfortunately.


I was able to use the Qlik-Sense .NET SDK API to create a script to start the reload tasks of Qlik Sense Desktop.
So technically, this would also be possible with the desktop version.

Thanks anyway

It is technically possible and we even did some experimenting with it. But at this point it’s not available in EasyMorph.