Qlik Cloud Connector - Authorization

I have setup a Qlik Cloud Connection for exporting Qlik files directly to the Qlik Cloud.
Now there seems to be a problem with the authentication.
The authorization seems to have a time limit. After a day the authorization is not valid anymore.

So I have to cancel the authorization, and Authorize again. Then it’s ok for a day.

Is this default behavior? Or is this a bug?

Hi @Wim

This is not the expected behavior, it seems that for some reason Qlik ignores offline_scope requested by EasyMorph during authorization. This decision is done by Qlik server.

One possible workaround I can think of is for you to create a separate OAuth registration in your tenant, using this guide

Just remember to add
http://localhost:7890/authorize and to the list of Redirect URLs for everything to work:


After you create the client, copy Client Id and Secret provided by Qlik

and then use them instead of default ones in the Qlik connector dialog:


Thank you for the explanation.
I just followed your steps, and I will check tomorrow if it keeps running.


It’s still not working:
When I try the test button, it says:


When I cancel the authorization, and reauthorize, it works again.
I followed all your steps.

Any idea? Or should I contact Qlik for this?

Hi, @Wim , I’ve sent you a DM