Python vs EasyMorph

This is perhaps an unpopular topic but I feel like I should share. I’ve been using EasyMorph for quite some time and before that various BI tools. Many of them have Data Cleansing elements built in and are quite good. However, many analyst roles require familiarity with python for data cleansing. This also includes various data pipeline tools where the data cleansing is also occurring in Python. In many cases the end result is a cleaned up CSV that can be consumed by another application or process.

Over the last few weeks I’ve felt more compelled drive deeper and use python to do some of the things that I can do in EasyMorph since I feel like I’m an imposter and “cheating”.

I can show anyone the concept of removing a few lines or converting things in excel or in EasyMorph but doing this in a programming language and then learning different modules, and typically there isn’t just 1 one of doing things is too much for many folks which is why the tasks fall squarely on “IT” or the “Data Team(s)”

My point being for the community, do you feel the same way? I use EasyMorph more than I use Excel at this point.