Pull Records to mail on daily refresh

Hi @dgudkov

I am looking for a solution below:

If I write an SQL query and regular database refresh to that task, Can I pull those records to the mail when ever there are records found in that particular task.

Maheshwar Reddy Maccha

Hi @Maheshwar,

I’m not sure I understand precisely what you’re trying to do. Can you please elaborate?

Hi @dgudkov

Thanks for the reply

We have requirement to monitor few reports using SQL queries, with that SQL queries we want to pull the records in an excel sheet and share them to mail. This process should be automated at regular interval of time as scheduled everyday. without any manual intervention we want to pull the records share it in an excel to mail, daily as scheduled on daily basis.

conclusion: Once we create a task project with above requirement including sharing a mail should be automated.

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Maheshwar Reddy Maccha

You can put the “Skip actions on condition” action before the “Send email” action. Configure the “Skip” action to skip the rest of the actions in table (including the “Send email” action) when the table is empty.

Hi @dgudkov

Can you please help us with configuring the mail configuration.

Maheshwar Reddy Maccha

Also @dgudkov is the solution possible as above mentioned.

Yes, my answer above explains the core part of the solution.

  1. Open Connector Manager.
  2. Create email connector and configure it. Ask your email admins for your email configuration details.
  3. Use the connector in the “Send email” action.

If you have more specific questions, post them here. Screenshots are always welcome.

Hi @dgudkov

I have created a task. But Can you please help me in creating an automatic mail sending once the record is generated after running the task, If there are no records no need to get a mail, If there are records only the it need to send a mail to list of people.

If you have any reference tasks that helps me to edit(SQL queries in task and mail ids) from my side and save time.

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Maheshwar Reddy Maccha.

  1. Import records using an SQL query.
  2. Save the records into a file
  3. Add the “Skip on condition” action to skip the actions after it if the table is empty.
  4. After the “Skip on condition” action, add the “Send email” action. It will be skipped if the query in p1. returns no records.

Do you understand the algorithm?

Hi @dgudkov

yes I got the algorithm. Can you please help us with the mail configuration.

Hi Maheshwar,

You can try to use the “Microsoft Exchange Online” connector with OAuth authentication instead of the generic Email Server connector.

Thanks @andrew.rybka

I will try to configure and get back to you.