Publishing with Tableau Server 2018.1


I’m trying to publish from Easymorph desktop to Tableau Server 2018.1

Tableau credentials are OK (Server admin) / Easymorph Connector is OK.

After running the workflow, the “something went wrong” windows appears, without error message (just warning sign)

Same thing (warning sign, no error message) in the “Export to Tableau” action on my project…

Any idea of what going wrong ? Is Easymorph Tableau Server 2018.1 compliant ?

Thx in advance,


Hi Laurent,

We didn’t have a chance to test export to Tableau Server 2018.1. But we will.

Can you please post screenshots of both warnings\errors or send them to our support email?


Hi Andrew,

here are the screenshots.

1/ Project (very simple)
2/ Message box after run
3/ ‘Export to Tableau’ Action after run

Laurent, thank you for the screenshots.

The problem was fixed and the updated version is available at our download page.

EasyMorph Server users can download updated version that supports Tableau 2018.1 here: EasyMorph Server 3.8