Publishing from Easymorph Desktop Pro to Server on AWS

I have the Easymorph server set up in an AWS instance that I remote desktop to. I have projects in Desktop that I want to publish to the server and am trying to set up a connector on the desktop for the server. The only URL I have is the IP address. What do I need to do to get the connector set up?


The standard port is 6330 (you can see/change it in the Server Monitor – a small app installed with the Server).
HTTPS (SSL) by default is OFF. Therefore the URL would be:

Using IP address

http://<IP address>:6330

Using host name (FQDN - fully qualified domain name)

http://<host name>:6330

Using host name + SSL

https://<host name>:6330

The port is set at 6330. I can ping the IP address of the Server, but when I try to use to set up a connector from the desktop app, I get a time-out error

I tried to include screenshots, but was unable to do so in this forum. What am I missing?

Two possible reasons:

The Server service is not running.

Or, the service is running, but port 6330 is not opened for inbound traffic in the Amazon’s firewall (security group).

Thank you sir for the incredibly fast response. I will get that port checked out.

You’re welcome!