Project versioning

I would like to have a version number for the .morph project. Preferably that you can update the major / minor version manually and the revision number would be an auto incremented value on each time the project is saved. For example 1.0.000010

Next to this, you should be able to easily check the version of the project on the server (within the web ui and within the desktop version).

Why? I would like to be able to use Azure DevOps to deploy the project files from DEV to the TST / UAT / Live environments.

As a workaround I am injecting a versionnumber into the .morph file with a buildscript, but with the result that on the server I am getting the message that the project file is “tampered with”.


Hello Edward,

A .morph project has the last modified timestamp. You can use that as the version number. If you need an incremental number, you can design an EasyMorph workflow that would scan metadata of other projects (using the “Project metadata” action), and assign for each new last modified timestamp an incremental version automatically.

Alternatively, you can create an annotation for the start module, put the version number there, and increment it manually.