Project Overview

I’d like you to consider perhaps extending the Project Overview documentation to include

  • Formatted HTML. I’d like to establish a protocol for our team to include a formatted table indicating Purpose, Creator, Initial Creation Date and any notes and then any changes made.

  • The problem is that whilst the area supports including HTML tags they distract from the basic view in the Left Navigator and only have value when the Documentation is Generated.

  • I am also considering using some type of Code/Project Version control facility. Therefore, having some type of CVS,SVN or GIT integration into the EasyMorph IDE would be of value and thus changes could be recorded in the code repository rather than in the project file itself.


It seems to me that having a wiki or Sharepoint page for this would work better than adding this to EasyMorph. Such page can have a link to the HTML documentation generated by EasyMorph, or embed it.

We design EM so that it’s compatible with version control systems. Internally, we use git to track more than 100 test projects. Although, VCS integrating in UI is tricky, because for it to be convenient there are many commands needed to be supported – committing, reversing, diffing, branching, etc. Even Visual Studio couldn’t do it well. Again, I would suggest using UI of native VCS tools. On our side we ensure that transformation logic can always be separated from data to avoid unnecessary commits.

Thanks for your feedback and understand all of your points. My only additional comment is that the EM generated doco is a fantastic feature and I was only hoping to supplement the technical aspects with a general purpose outline that could be formatted and yet still stay “viewable” in the EM UI

Totally agree on keeping data separated from transformation logic as that is my intent as well. I hadn’t considered all of the VCS entry points so totally understand your logic. I will see if I can introduce an external native VCS GUI.

Appreciate your feedback.

I see your point Bruce. Not promising anything on this at this point, but it’s good to have suggestions like this published on Community because it provides a broader perspective on use cases around EM.

Thank you for your contribution.