Project Metadata - Project Author [DONE]

Is the person who created the project captured in the project metadata or the underlying database? We have many technical users who will be creating their own projects at an individual, department and potentially companywide level. Project author will be very helpful to us for tracking purposes.



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No, the author’s ID isn’t captured currently, but I like that idea! We’ll have it added in the nearest release.

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Another thought: It could be useful to have an action that retrieves project metadata for all projects in a server space. As we move deeper into EM over the next 6 months, I can see us having hundreds of projects and thinking ahead about governance and establishing a good framework for our citizen developers to work in as they develop. Probably other features, but those are the ones that are at the top of my list and may be specific to our scenario.


You can do this by parsing the XML files that contain task descriptions in the system folder of the Server. Extract project paths from the XML files, and run the “Project metadata” action for each project.

The “Project metadata” action now displays the Windows account of the person who last edited the project. The information is available in the “Project metadata” command of the action.

Also, EasyMoprh Server tasks now display the last edited Windows account.

The new features are available starting from version 4.7.1.