Project Documentation as a link in EasyMorph Server


Not sure if this should go in Feature Requests or in the Server category.

It would be great to see Project Documentation files as a hyperlink available in the EasyMorph Server scheduler.

As we will soon be rolling EasyMorph Server out to a number of users, it would be great to have the documentation readily available as a link so, that within one click, we can establish what the scheduled job is doing.

Sometimes job names can be a bit cryptic so, it would be nice to have this…



Thank you for the suggestion – it’s duly noted. Meanwhile, did you know you can make annotations in tasks? They can be used to explain what a task does.

Maybe it would help if we show the project annotation by default if no task annotation provided – just thinking out loud.

PS. Yes, please post Server-related suggestions here, in the Server category. Thanks.

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