Project Cleanup

Thinking of a way to Clean Up a Project easily, i.e. identify source data/tables that aren’t used anywhere in the Project, i.e. the data is loaded but there are no other Actions applied?

Maybe a better way of doing it would be to move unused tables/data sources to an “Unused” Group to review and then manually remove?

I can (and will have to!) work this out manually, but while I’m working on the data I don’t know which datasets I’m going to need to use for various tasks, so I have them all loaded up for quick reference and viewing, experimenting etc.

This may also be of consideration in another feature request to be able to color the table header/add notifications etc.? i.e. a quick visual cue without having to look to see if there is a connecting line for eg.

As mentioned, this would be especially useful where you are exploring/auditing data.