Project: BackUp Local Fileserver to Sharepoint

Hi Team -
I’m wondering if anyone else has attempted this concept before successfully?

I have a File Server (Source) and I’d like to back it up to sharepoint (Target) using the new sharepoint connector. Normally I would attempt this via Batch Script or RSync but I would have to have a replicated copy of the sharepoint directory on a machine (which could be very very large Terrabytes).

To Execute this:
Would I create a project that lists all top level folders (A) then 2nd level (A/B) ect until I reach the bottom?

Compare the list of folders to the Target (again 1 by 1) comparing the whole path

IF there is no folder in that specific directory Create one.

Then Compare the fles at the total folder path level, if that item doesn’t exist copy to target
IF it exists check if its Source is Newer than Target, IF so overwrite

I’m seeing this as a lot of iterations with the approach above but was curious if it could be simplified.

Hi Adam,

we looked at this task from different perspectives but no straight forward solution came up. It’s somewhat easy to get a recursive (up to 5 levels deep) list of local files using the “List of files” action in EasyMorph. However getting hierarchical folder/file list from SharePoint seems to be non-trivial. There was a hypothesis that it’s possible to get such list using one of the system lists (almost everything is a list in SharePoint), but it didn’t work out.

If there is a way to build such list on the SharePoint Server (e.g. by running an EasyMorph project on that machine) then it could be a working solution. E.g. use “SSH command” to connect securely to the SharePoint host, run there an EasyMorph project from the command line to generate a list of files, then fetch it back using the “File transfer” action.

Can’t think of any other possible solution.

Thanks for taking a look. I am working on this in my spare time and will post again if I can get a solution in place.