Problems using EM to modify Always Encrypted columns in MSSQL

Has anyone else tried using EasyMorph to populate MSSQL Always Encrypted fields?

The good news is that EM is able to successfully query encrypted fields and decrypt as necessary (when the end-point machine has the appropriate certificate). No problems with returning Always Encrypted data in a resultset.

The problem is that it doesn’t appear that there’s a way to get EM to INSERT/UPDATE Always Encrypted columns in a destination. This isn’t surprising; MS is requiring DML to be written using very specific constructions when AE data is involved. An example of this kind of query is in green below.

This article gets into the "why"s of it.

This page goes into a lot of depth about how to code to account for this in .NET (not sure what drivers you’re using on the EM side).

Has anyone been able to get this to work?


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Hello TravisBish, and welcome to the Community!

We haven’t tested EasyMorph with Always Encrypted columns.

Can you please tell us what actions you had to take to make the Import from database action work with such columns?

As for the Insert/Update actions. Maybe it’s possible to use an ODBC driver and an ODBC connector to work with such columns?