Problem with "Import fixed width text"


  • I read numeric data only from a ASCII-file (fixed width)
  • EasyMorph gets it right if it´s a short number (1,2 … 4 digits)
  • EasyMorph gets it wrong if there are more digits … or leading “0” … or?

How can I solve the problem?

And by the way: Thank you VERY MUCH for this great software tool!!


Hello Peter and welcome to the Community!

Numbers starting with 0 are imported as text because it if they are imported as numbers the leading 0s would be lost, which in some cases is not desirable.

If the leading 0s are not important and you need the values as numeric data for further arithmetic calculations then use the asnumber() function to convert text numbers into numeric numbers.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the quick answer!
Problem solved.