Problem with export XML files

Hi Everyone!

I am trying to export an XML file but after the action “Export to XML” the structure of the output is modified, so the result does not match with that I want (and with the one obtained from the previous manipulations that I can see on Easymorph Desktop). If I export the same analysis on csv or Excel the output is ok, so I think that the problem occurs when I export in XML.

I attached an example:

My input file is:

The Output file, without any transformation (only “import XML file” and “export to XML”), is:

How can I export the XML file while maintaining the correct structure?

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any suggestions are much appreciated :smiley:

Hi @An_B and welcome to the Community!

In this case, I would rather generate the XML file as text, rather than use the “Export to XML” action because it’s not very flexible.

See below a sample project that generates an XML file with sample data.
generate-xml.morph (6.7 KB)

Thank you Dmitry! :smiley: