Problem with content after export

Hello dears,
I gathered some data, made transformations and then exported the data into excel, replacing data in existing sheet.
This caused the following error message:

When I select ‘Yes’, excel opens the workbook with the message:

When I check the file, I am not able to find, which calculation or data was not recovered or where can be the error. I would say that the data is correct. Why is then excel showing me this error? Is it possible to investigate somehow? There will be more users of the transformation, therefore I want to avoid such ‘shocks’ to others.

Thanks in advance for your advice,
Zsofi K.

Hello Zsofi,

Was there a formula on the sheet that was replaced with the new data from EasyMorph?

Hello Andrew,
in the original file there were 2 formulas in the sheet, which got replaced, yes.
However every time if I rewrite, I get still the same error.
The question is also that there are more sheets in the file, which are not touched by my transformation and contain formulas. Can that also be affected?

What can I do to resolve this error message? Delete the formulas in the original file & sheet?

Thank you,
Kind regards,

Hello Zsofi,

This error is most likely caused by the formulas in the sheet which got replaced.

You can either remove formulas from the sheet in the original file or use Excel to repair and resave the file with the replaced and then use it instead of the original file.

As for the formulas on other sheets - they should not cause any problems as long as they don’t reference cells on the replaced sheet.