Problem with a wrong aggregate action

Hi all,
I have a lot of duplicate rows and I need to take only one with some simple rules:

I need to take the min of completion date and in case of the same date the max of the score in second column.
I used the Aggregate action:

but I discovered that easymorph created a new row that never existed before:

This for sure is wrong (or not what I want).

So, how can I have the right result? I suppose not with Aggregate action.
Consider that I could also only aggregate by the min date but I want to bring with me also the second column with the score.

Thank you so much

You need a 2-step aggregation here:

First step: Max for the 2nd column, group by the 1st and 3rd columns. This will keep the max score for each completion date.

Second step (the main aggregation): Min for the 3rd column, group by he 1st column.

PS. On a second thought, you may just need to tick [completion date] in the grouping columns in your Aggregate action.

Thank you Dmitry,
but these don’t solve my issue.
if I understood well the second suggestion has the same result of the first step:

and if I apply the two steps I have a result with only date column, without Score:


I attach and excel file with an example of data and the result I need, if could help.
example for aggregate.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Thanks for the sample data - that was helpful.

“Aggregate” is not even needed here. Just sort the columns as needed, and keep the min date for each person. See the example below.

keep-min-max.morph (3.8 KB)