Problem saving EasyMorph Project


I ran into a problem saving an easymorph file. I had to close down the project because I could not trace the error. error


Hi Nikolaas,

Can you please archive folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Debug Logs and send it to our support email?


Nikolaas, thank you for the log files.

It seems that this error was displayed because you had a “Rename column” action in your project

with an empty new column name (possibly in the CERTIFICAAT.dset table).

Such action may have been created with the help of “Rename” item from a column’s right-click menu.

If this error will appear again, just check for not completely filled “Rename column” actions in your project.

This is definitely a bug from our side and we are going to fix it.

Thank you for reporting it.


Thanks for the quick service !

Kind regards,