"Printed" Text File: Could EasyMorph import this?

You will find in attachment a text export from an old fashion time registration software.
It’s much more like printing rather than database oriented.

I tried first to split the upper part from de the bottom one. The bottom part is simply a fixed text element. But the problem is that you have many “pages”…
Do you think it’s possible to perform a text to database transformation with EasyMorph?
Could you propose some areas to be explored?
TIMESHEET.txt (11.6 KB)

Ahh, my favorite topic - sectioned text files :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s surely possible. I’ve designed a part of workflow that identifies sections (groups of rows) and parses them. The project is not complete (section details need to be parsed further), but you can get the idea which is:

  1. Identify the start line of each section, and then
  2. Mark the whole section with the same ID until the start line of the next section.

I’ve also slightly edited the source file (removed extra spaces) as its structure was slightly distorted probably during data anonymization (those new names, lol :slight_smile: !).

If you need help with transforming it further, let me know.

parse-timesheet.morph (11.4 KB)
TIMESHEET.txt (11.6 KB)

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Thanks Dmitry.
You’re a champion and EasyMorph is an amazing tool.

Thanks, Michel!