Presenting Two EM tables in one sheet in Excel

I have created two tables in EM , and I would like to export it into one sheet with couple rows of spaces between them. any advise on how to perform it? Thanks

You can do that if you create an Excel template with 3 sheets:

  1. Raw data for table 1
  2. Raw data for table 2
  3. A sheet with formatted tables 1 & 2 located as necessary. The tables should use formulas to reference data in sheets 1 and 2.

Use action “Export to Excel” to populate sheets 1 & 2.

Optionally, use the “Excel command” action, command “Re-calculate workbook” to refresh data in tables on sheet 3.

Thank you. The problem is the tables are dynamic, they get larger and smaller by the time based on date and delivery. In Addition my excel file already has lots of tables and I am trying to use less sheets. Regards

In this case, the only solution I can think of is to use a VBA macro to adjust the positions of the tables. A VBA macro (with arguments) can be triggered from EasyMorph using the “Excel command” action.