PreppinData Challenge 2021 Week 19 - Solution


This post stores all components used to perform Preppin Data challenge 2021 W19.

The subject : 2021: Week 19 Prep Air Project Details

The source code : PreppInData 2021W19.morph (12.2 KB)

Input file : PD 2021 Week 19 Input.xlsx (10.9 KB)

Best regards,
Nicolas Mieszaly

Here is my version based on yours. Changes:

  • A parameter is used instead of the hardcoded file name - it’s more convenient to change the file name in one place instead of each of 5 actions it’s hardcoded in
  • [Days Noted] calculated using the “Regular expression” action instead of expression
  • Replaced “Merge” with “Lookup” because what is done is actually lookup and because “Lookup” can generate an error if no lookup value found.
  • [Owner Code] calculated using keepafter() with a negative position index (in this case it looks back from the end of text)
  • Added “Halt on data type mismatch” to fail workflow in cases when a lookup value wasn’t found in order to prevent bad data from propagation into the target file

PreppInData 2021W19.morph (15.6 KB)