Powershell to Download Images

Hi. I have used Powershell in the past to download images from a URL address to a designated folder on our internal network. I included the following invoke commands into an EM project and am unsure of the proper steps for the project to download the image files. Can anyone assist? Thanks.

Invoke-WebRequest https://marcomm-leds-imgs.s3.amazonaws.com/Wall+Pack/LOC-WP-MW(20254060)50KDLV_00.jpg -o LOC-WP-MW(20254060)50KDLV_00.jpg

Invoke-WebRequest https://static.grainger.com/rp/s/is/image/Grainger/1978-DP__JZOZ_v2?$zmmain$ -o 1978-DP__JZOZ_v2.jpg

It's better to use the WebRequest action or the Iterate WebRequest action.