Potential Bug: Upper Case does not convert to proper

Hi EM team,

I may have found a small bug. When the values of a column are already all upper, and the modify on the column is selected to convert to proper case, it doesn’t work. You can go from all upper to lower to proper. But not upper to proper. I am attaching a snip.

I believe I have seen somewhere before where that was intended. My workflow is always convert to lower and then the proper. But I am definitely interested from someone on the team to see why this is the case or if it was indeed just a bug.

This behavior is intended. Converting to proper doesn’t affect abbreviations such as “NASA”.

This is explained in the documentation on the proper() function:

Note that words that appear in all uppercase letters retain their case. To convert these strings to proper case, first convert them to lowercase. See examples below.

PS. Our documentation can be useful sometimes :slight_smile:

HAHA. I didn’t notice it. I do check out the documentation constantly though. I will be a bit more thorough before reporting back next time. Thanks for the confirmation sir! My apologies.

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