Possible to use SOAP API with EM?

Sorry if my explanation is not very technical, but first time in SOAP, but basically I need to pull info from an API from an external party, they have sent me [https://api-gateway.domain.com/prod/seller/2.1]

I have the credentials and API key and the wsdl with the technical information.

Is it possible to connect EM and pull data?

Thank you very much in advance.

There is no native connectivity for SOAP in EasyMorph. You can use PowerShell in EasyMorph, though.

Useful links:
Integration with PowerShell in EasyMorph

Process SOAP request from PowerShell

PowerShell cmdlet New-WebServiceProxy

Hi Team -

Are there any plans for this in the future?

I was attempting some public (no Authentication) tests using SOAP myself without much luck, but I’ll also review the PowerShell Path

For Reference of Public Examples:

Hi Adam,

You should be able to interact with SOAP APIs through the “Web request” action. Have you tried it?

Hi @andrew.rybka - I did but had some errors. I’ll create a project with an example and pass it back.