Possible Bug with JSON Constructor

Hi there,

I am hoping this is just something I am missing and I can adjust in my EM project. But there could potentially be a small bug in EM when the Construct JSON action is done.

Here, both myItemId and myBoardId are numbers. However on the very next action when I use the Construct JSON action again to nest myColumnValues, the myItemId value is getting a “.0” following it.

Neither the myBoardId nor the myItemId columns have formatting applied. They should both be integers.
The source of the myItemId value was originally a return from an API call and was returned as text. I then converted the data type to number. I don’t see any decimals or other formatting in any intermediary derived tables up until the Construct JSON actions pictured above.

If anyone has encountered this before and could give me some pointers I would be appreciative. Thanks all!

The bug has been fixed. Please install an updated version from our website.