Possible bug - List of Files

Hi EasyMorph team,

the "List of Files" action throws an error when directed at a mapped network drive (screenshot). The same action works without a problem when using version 5.7.2

Hope this helps!


Hi Albert,

We didn't change anything in the action "List of files" in v.5.7.3. Please make sure that the account used to run the workflow has access to the mapped drive and the folder.

I have no explanation. It works in 5.7.2, and it doesn't in 5.7.3. I had 3 independent ETLs with the pattern!

Hmm... I'll discuss it with our team, I wonder if there is something I'm missing.

Hi Albert,

Does it fail with other folders on the same drive?

Can you please try to input the path directly instead of using a parameter?

Do you have another mapped network drive? If not - is it possible for you to create one?

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Hi Andrew,

I tried to input the path directly, instead of using a parameter. It didn't work neither.
Comercial_9.morph (134.2 KB)
ETL_5.morph (176.9 KB)
ETL_6.morph (150.3 KB)

Attached the projects, the following Modules presented the issue:
We don't have another mapped drive I can try. I can try to set one up, but not the next few days. The Snowflake hack is keeping us busy...


Hi Albert,

I haven't been able to find anything unusual in your projects.

So, let's wait until you can test this issue with a newly created network-mapped drive.