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Possible bug importing CSV


A colleague reported the following error when importing a CSV.
What does it mean ?

Thanks !

Hi Nikolaas,

It seems that connectors repository can’t be loaded from the EasyMorph server. EasyMorph can’t run actions when something is wrong with current connectors repository. Please make sure that connectors repository is loaded successful.

Apparently there was a an incorrect settings of connectors.

Hi - I have the same error message when I try to load a CSV file (i.e. Error: Connectors can’t be loaded: Unsupported format of the Host property). How can I load the “connector repository”?

While no connector required to load a CSV file, nevertheless EasyMorph requires a properly configured connector repository to work. It usually works normally with the default repository installed with EasyMorph out of the box, so no configuration required. If for some reason the default settings were changed, the connector repository location can be re-configured in the Start page of the application, in the Connector Manager:

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