Possibility to choose modules to call from a project

Would it be possible to extend the current command to call an Easymorph-project by choosing which module in the project to “activate”. I believe this would be similar to the function where we define an API-endpoint (Post, Get etc) in a project.

I think this would be useful in situations where there are a number of variations in calling the project, and where you try to mimic an API-approach in the programming style.

A project is an encapsulation of transformation logic. We deliberately hide modules from outside projects so that they don’t have a hard dependency on the internal implementation and structure of the project.

If you need to activate different workflow branches (modules) of a project:

  1. Create a start module with a parameter that defines which branch (module) to execute.
  2. Execute the necessary module (or workflow branch) based on that parameter. Note that the “Call” and “Iterate” actions allow specifying module name as a parameter.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the response and the suggested workaround to solve this use-case. This works fine for me.