Please add auto arrange options

Please add an auto-arrange option to organize tables in a nice flow automatically.
Compare it with the auto arrange options of drawing programs to organize flow charts.



Any plans to implement an auto arrange option to disentangle cluttered tables in EasyMorph ?

Thanks !

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Is there a reason why an auto arrange feature is not yet implemented ? Most tools have such a feature.
Even when organizing tables in groups and modules this seems to have an added value.

Thanks !

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A tab (stage) should have no more than 5-6 tables. Does it really take that much time to arrange them manually?

If a feature (request) is not implemented it means we don’t find it more valuable or useful than other things that we work on. We should focus our resources on delivering max value, not every “nice to have” feature will get a place in EasyMorph.

I understand that. Nevertheless, for me personally it would be a time saver.
We usually have more tables in a tab. I would say in a lot of occasions around 10 or more because we also want to structure the workflow with the tables.
The number of tables depends on complexity but our workflows are usally quite complex because of complex business logic. I already use tabs, modules but the projects remain vast in the number of actions.

I would suggest other EasyMorph users who feel like having the auto-arrange option would non-trivially save their time to vote (like) or leave a comment in this thread. This would help us to get a better send of urgency for this feature.

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Maybe, “my” type of designing a project is too complex, but most of our projects have much more than 5-6 tables on one tab. I should spend some time in redesigning and symplifying first.

How many would that be? Can you post a screenshot of a typical tab?

This is one example:

Is that what you would like to see?

I could send you a copy of the project, if you are interested.

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I’m far above 6 tables by tab. I think the average is around 40.
Maybe you could organize a little survey about the way we use EM, I think you’ll be surprised by the complexity of the projects delivered and the most used features.


Would definitely love an auto arrange option - even when you don’t have that many tables sometimes the scrolling when moving them around is a little difficult for me, especially when re-sizing. I have tables with long column names and sometimes more than 30 columns.

I also sometimes loose a table as it’s sitting behind another one, even when minimized.

Would like to see consideration as to how this might also work/interact with the “Fit To Content” option to maybe maximize all tables to fit the contents as well.

Yes maybe a function that minimizes the tables and hides all actions and an auto arrange option.
With these two functions, one could have a high level view.