Pivot / unpivot several sum of amounts


Today in the pivot action, you have only one amount possible to sum. But imagine you have 2 amounts in your dataset, and one column with date. It would be good to be able to specify the 2 amounts in the action, and then the pivot create 2*(number of distinct dates) columns.
03/12/2020 | Amount 1 | Amount 2
Amount 1 03/12/2020 | Amount 2 03/12/2020
(new naming convention necessary)

I am running into this right now - I have 2 columns I want to sum in my pivot (Hours Expected, Hours Entered) under a Week Ending Date - my repeating data is Emp#, EmpName - My temporary work around is to create the detail - export the data to excel and use excel to do the pivot - this adds a manual step to a process we are trying to automate. Would like to vote for consideration that Pivot allows for multiple sum columns.

Or maybe derive twice, pivot each sum in each derive and do a final append ?