Pivot tables basis data

Hello team,

Is there plan in future release to have a feature to create pivot tables?


Hi Vaibhav,

Tables can be pivoted using the “Pivot” action. Do you have something else in mind?

If we could specify several rows for the header, it would be great.


Just for viewing/analyzing or as a data source for further calculations?

as a data source.
To extract the stack of excel spreadsheets sent by controlers that look this way

and make it this way

Easy peasy.

multirow-unpivot.morph (3.1 KB)
Book1.xlsx (8.8 KB)

PS. That’s actually unpivoting.

Thanks, this resolves!

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Unfortunately we can’t specify a separator in the ‘Label columns’ transformation.
As Excel is far from being foolproof, if a have some space in the header values then the transformation look this way (you can surely make it simpler)
Could you add a separator select in the ‘Label columns’ transformation ?
Please Dmitry.


multirow-unpivot2.morph (7.8 KB) Book1.xlsx (9.8 KB)

OK, we will add it in v4.2.