Performance issues MS Access ODBC SQL:2003


I’m frequently connecting to an Access query with 24 columns and a variable number of rows depending on when I pull data.

Loading the query from within Access itself, gives me 2 mill rows in about a minute or so.
Running the same query with custom SQL through and ODBC connection and SQL:2003, gives me the same output in 10+ minutes.

Is there anything within EM slowing performance that needs fixing in the software code, or is there anything I can do to improve performance?
I need all rows and columns in the query, so filtering here is not an option…

Edit: The access database sits in a shared network drive. My connection to company network is cabled.
Running the query from within access is with the same connection.

Hi Christoffer,

Can you please try to load the same dataset through the same ODBC data source with some other software and measure load time?

EasyMorph performs some additional processing of data, returned by ODBC driver. But that processing is usually much faster that import itself. And it definitely should not increase load time 10 times.