"Percent Mode" in Total/Sub-Total transformation

In the Total/Sub-Total transformation, is it possible to add “Percent” as a mode?

Hi Michel,

can you please clarify - the percent of what? An example would be helpful.


Hi Dmitry,
See example attached

%ofColumn.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Thank you

The Total/Subtotal action produces the same calculation result for a group, or entire column – that’s its purpose. In your example a result (% of Total Inside Group) is calculated for every column value – therefore it’s not relevant to this action, because the results are different for every value inside a group.

I understand that this is a frequent calculation, but it’s easily achieved just by adding one simple action - as shown in your example. I’m not sure there really is a need for a dedicated action for such calculation – two simple actions just have it done.

OK Dmitry