Pausing all tasks on EasyMorph server


On our EasyMorph server I have a space with general components (EasyMorph projects) that other can use.
If I want to make these available in our production environment, I want to be able to pause all scheduled projects, then deploy the general components en then turn the schedule back on.

Is there a way to achieve this ? Can we also have an overview of all scheduled projects in all spaces in some way?

Any tips and tricks to deal with such a situation?

Kind regards

You can stop the Server, deploy the updates and start it again.

There is no standard way of doing this, but you can always design a small project that would scan all .XML files that correspond to tasks in the Server system folder and extract information about projects and schedules from them.

Hi Dmitry,

Could you explain how to stop the server and restart it back ?

Thanks !

Please read the Server Administrator Guide, section “Server monitor”.

See this topic: Overview of all Server tasks in all spaces

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks, I checked the manual.

  • So if I press the STOP button it stops the server completely ?

  • What does that mean if some jobs were running at that moment ? Will they be broken down completely and be restarted automatically when we restart the server or will they only be rerun at the next scheduled point? If we have subprocesses in a task, would this mean that a task could be executed partially because maybe one subprocess is completed and others not when we press on the stop button ?

  • It would be nice if we could pause all tasks, deploy and then restart so that all tasks continue if the were not yet finished.

  • Other suggestion for the server: creating a calendar like view so that it becomes clear where there are still options to plan tasks or viewing where we could do “maintenance” safely.

  • If I press the start button, the server will be automatically restarted or do we have to do some other things also ?


It stops the Windows service of EasyMorph Server in a graceful way.

The Server will try to cancel all running tasks and will stop the scheduler. If a running task is executing an external application it won’t kill the process of that external application in order to avoid data loss or corruption. The external application may continue to work even after the Server stopped.

If there is an iterating task, some of it iterations may be complete and some not by the moment of cancellation.

Pausing tasks is not possible.

Pressing the Start button will start the Windows service of the Server. No other actions required.