Path not found error in importing XML


I am importing the attached file into EasyMorph using the task as per below:

As you can see, I am getting a path not found error.

I haven’t seen this kind of error before. Is it an issue with the XML file or is it a bug?

Regards, (56.3 KB)

It’s a breaking change in v4.2.0 described in the Release Notes v4.2.

OK. I have done a table wide replace in order to overcome this. Thanks for the reply.

Alternatively, you can use the “Clean up” action to remove errors from a particular column.


I note that you have changed the error message to XML path not found in the latest build.

Would it be possible to specify this clearly upfront in the release notes? I may have missed it but thought I would flag it nonetheless.

Just ran a project to upload data via an API and it uploaded hundreds of thousands of records with that in there :woozy_face:



That’s an oversight on our end. We will update the release note accordingly to reflect the breaking change. Thanks for pointing it out.