Path file sharepoint

Hello, I have the xlsx files in a sharepoint, we have a easymorph project that use those files.
Our situation is the path that I use is not the same for my collegues. the username change for each of us

How I can use a unic path?
Thanks for your answer

Hello @Flor,

If you need to dynamically construct a file path with the current Windows username, you can use an expression with the system() function:

"C:\Users\" & keepafter(system("user"), "\") & "\root\directory\TTTT.xlsx"

We need to use keepafter() here because system("user") returns the full Windows account name that includes the domain part, e.g. "DOMAIN\Username".

@dgudkov thanks a lot I will test.


I use your proposition of folder sharepoint path for a parameter,
"C:\Users" & keepafter(system("user"), "") & "\root\directory\TTTT.xlsx"

but there is an error message " illegal characters in path"

How I can use this path in a parameter ?

Hi @Flow,

Make sure that you are using a calculated parameter. If you are - please post a screenshot of the resulting value of that parameter.