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Password lost in the server link manager


in Server link, on my EasyMorph Desktop, I register all server space to manage connector in all space.
Regularly, all stored passwords are lost except for 2 spaces. It is never the same who keep them.
It is not systematic. In a week it happened twice.

For now, I have 14 spaces.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

Could it be that you have 2 instances of EasyMorph Desktop open at the same time? In this case, the last instance that is closed may overwrite changes made in the other instance.

It’s possible. I often have 2 instances of openings.
But when I enter all these passwords, I always open one EasyMorph, enter password and close EasyMorph.
Password are presents, I use them some days and some days later, I lost all password except 2.

We were unable to reproduce the problem. If you experience it again, please post a screenshot. Maybe that would give us a hint.

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