Password lost in the server link manager


in Server link, on my EasyMorph Desktop, I register all server space to manage connector in all space.
Regularly, all stored passwords are lost except for 2 spaces. It is never the same who keep them.
It is not systematic. In a week it happened twice.

For now, I have 14 spaces.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

Could it be that you have 2 instances of EasyMorph Desktop open at the same time? In this case, the last instance that is closed may overwrite changes made in the other instance.

It’s possible. I often have 2 instances of openings.
But when I enter all these passwords, I always open one EasyMorph, enter password and close EasyMorph.
Password are presents, I use them some days and some days later, I lost all password except 2.

We were unable to reproduce the problem. If you experience it again, please post a screenshot. Maybe that would give us a hint.


I had to act urgently and didn’t take the time to take screenshot.
This time I lost 5 spaces in the server space list.

Passwords have not disappeared, but full “server space link” has disappeared from list.
I am sure I had them since I had already put connectors on these spaces. (each space has independent connectors even if they are often the same).
I am the only one to manage spaces, passwords and connectors.

These are the first 5 on the list that have disappeared.

I don’t know since when because I don’t regularly go to the server space list.

Issue is not on server side but on the client desktop side.


Hello Florent,

A few questions:

Was another instance of EasyMorph open at the same time when passwords disappear?

Did you change or move the EasyMorph installation from the location where it was installed by default?

Can you please also send the config file C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\EasyMorph.config.xml to our support email.

Only one instance but since last previous check and now, I often use multiple instances in parallel to copy actions to different files.
When I saw issue I only had one instance open.

The last time it was passwords that disappeared. Now it is the link that is no longer present.

I install EasyMorph in “C:\EasyMorph”.
I send config file by email but I replace hashed password by “***” in file.