Passing a parameter from launcher - how to configure in project

Hi Easymorph team,

this is probably really basic but I am under the gun in a deliverable. I want to pass a parameter from launcher to a project. How do I configure the parameter in the project?

It is a counter but if I give it a constant value then that overrides the launcher parameter sent.
Just trying to use one project concurrently passing it a counter to pick up files that number in the counter. Help Dmitry! Thanks

I am also using that parameter to create other calculated parameters.

Hi Cris,

No special configuration of the project parameter needed. Just create a project parameter with the same name and it will be overridden by a Launcher task if the task has a task parameter with the same name.

In other words, whatever parameter value you set up in the Launcher task will override the default value in the project. Rules:

  • The project parameter must not be a calculated one. Calculated parameters can’t be overridden, even if your calculated parameter has only one constant.
  • Both the project, and the Launcher task must have a parameter with the same name. If the Launcher task doesn’t override a project’s parameter, then the default value of the project parameter will be used. The default value is the parameter value saved in the project.
  • The task parameter name in the Launcher must be exactly the same as the project parameter name. The names are case-sensitive.

I had a project parameter of Counter as a constant with a default value of 1. Then I created a parameter from the launcher which passes a value but it seemed to keep running the first set over and over.

Can you post a screenshot of the Parameters tab in the task settings, and the Parameter Editor with the parameter in question in the project? Maybe I’ll be able to spot something.