Parameters don't appear in the Iterate action

Hello, tried finding a solution to this on the board but couldn’t find anything that fits. Hoping someone can help please.

I have a custom query, in Module1, that uses parameter values to pass the db schema name and table name to the query. That bit works fine. However, now I want to iterate through a list of schema and table names, from the main module, refreshing the data in Module1 with each iteration.

The problem is that when I add an iteration action to the Main module it doesn’t seem to see the parameters that have been setup in Module1. Why might this be?

Can you illustrate it somehow? A screenshot or a project would help.

Here are the parameters on Module1 (now renamed to “qry UPRN tables”):


Here is what I see when I try to add an iteration from the Main module:

As you see there is nothing listed under the module parameters

All your parameters in “qry UPRN tables” are calculated. A calculated parameter can’t be entered or assigned from another module, because its value is calculated based on other parameters and expressions.

You need to add parameters that are not calculated. Then assign them in the “Iterate” action.

duh, of course! makes perfect sense - schoolboy error - Thanks its works perfectly now!