Parameter with max date

Hi all,
during my workflow I have a column with some dates, I need to create a parameter with max date so that at the end of the job I can use the parameter for my file name (at the end of process the column with date is deleted).
How can I do this?


Hi Claudio,

You can use the “Aggregate” action to calculate the max date in the column. Then use the “Iterate” action to call another module and pass the max date to that module as a parameter. The called module should contain the part of your workflow where the parameter with max date should be used.

Note that the result of the “Aggregate” action should be exactly 1 row of data, otherwise the “Iterate” action will call the other module not one but multiple times which may have undesired side effects.

Hi Dmitry and thanks,
but how can I pass a parameter from a table and the dataset from another table to the final module?
I used Iterate to send the parameter and Call to send dataset, but the Input table in final module take the parameter and not the dataset.


In this case, use the “Iterate table” action in table “maxdate”. The “Iterate table” action is similar to “Iterate” because it also can assign the parameter(s) of the called module with column values. However, it also can send a dataset into the iterated module.

Make the following changes in your workflow:

  • Remove the “Call” action in table “toDB”
  • Replace the “Iterate” action in table “maxdate” with the “Iterate table” action in which:
    • Assign the parameter of the final module with column [EndInterview]
    • Choose table “toDB” as the table to pass to the iterated module

When executed, in the final module the parameter (there is a parameter there, right?) will be assigned with the value from column [EndInterview] and the “Input” action will obtain the final dataset from the “toDB” table.

Ah yes! This perfectly works.
Thank you Dmitry!