Parameter documentation as web link


I really thought we had already discussed about this but I can’t find it anymore and I don’t think it’s implemented. Here it is : would it be possible to generate a web link for a parameter name, so that when you click on the parameter name which would be a web link, it would redirect you to a documentation page you can configure ?

You can add a new property for a parameter or even better : in the annotation you authorize a special syntax to introduce web link. Wherever it is, in the name of the parameter or in the annotation no problem.

It should work on desktop and server, and also on catalog item.

In my current Cognos migration project, I want the possibility for my users to specify SQL filters inside a textbox parameter. The problem is I also want to explain how to write such condition.

Of course I can use annotation but first it’s not really designed to put a lot of content with customization and also I want to write it once and reuse what I did. So pointing to a web page seems more suitable.

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