Parameter default value on project opening


Is there is a way to ensure that a parameter will always have a default value when we open a project whatever was the value on the previous saving ?
i.e. I have a project to add, update or suppress some database content. I would like the parameters I defined for these tasks (p_insert, p_update, p_suppress) to always be defined on false when I open the project. The default value that we can define in a checkbox parameter is updated on each save action.


Hi Christophe,

Am I understanding it correctly, that you open a project, modify it, but when you save it, any change in parameter values should be ignored? What about parameter definitions (e.g. lists of values) or validation rules? It won’t make sense to just keep default parameter values, but update definitions because a value may no longer be valid after the parameter definition changes.

What’s the exact problem with changing parameter values? Maybe it can be addressed in some other way?

Hi Dmitry,

I have some projects with a lot of options that are activated with parameters, it could be some naming conventions, storage folders, hash coding options…
I want to be sure that every time I will open the project it will be loaded with the default options and not with the last saved parameters. for example I use md5 hash but sometime I need Tiger or 128.
Like the ‘state on project opening’ in the ‘breakpoint’ transformation.

Another case
I use a parameter flag in a skip action on condition before a “call module” or “iterate module”. These modules operate update/insert/delete values in a database.
This prevent me to update a database by mistake with just running a project. I need to change the value of the parameter to run the update module