Outlook E-mail connector Configuration_

Hi team,
I would like to send E-mail with an attachment to various recipients and would like to automatize through easymorph.
But when setting the E-mail connector, I failed to send even the test: “The SMTP server requries a secure connection…”
Settings and also Error message in the word attached.
Is it possible that our internal security doesn’t allow me to use easymorph tfor emailsending?
Or should be the options somehow different?
What are the solutions? Or should I ping a macro in easymorph, which will create the email with attachment?EasymorphMailconnector.rar (59 Bytes)
Thank you,
Kind regards,
Zsofia K.

Hi @zsofi,

Can you please check that you attached the correct archive. It appears to be empty.

attached sending 2 pics ,hope it will be OK now.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Hi Zsofia,

Can you please try to remove the text from the Domain option and test that connector again?

Hi Andrew,
thanks for your tip, however unfortunately another error popped up.Emailconnectorerror%20II

Hi Zsofia,

That’s strange. Removing value from the “Domain” option should not lead to that error.

Can you please check that the “SMTP Server address” option on the SMTP tab is filled-in and the “Domain (optional)” option on the “Credentials” tab is empty?

Hi Andrew,
sorry for late reply.
I tried as per your instructions and now another error popped up. I was wondering: Is it possible that our company network would not allow easymorph to do anything in the outlook?

Hi Zsofia,

Most likely, some of the settings of your connector are still configured incorrectly.

Can you please update EasyMorph to the latest version (4.4.1) and try to use the dedicated “Outlook.com” connector? This way you’ll have to specify only your email address and password.

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Hi Andrew,
thanks for the reply, your advice helped me!
Have a nice day,