Outlook calendar appointment & parameter

Can we send an outlook calendar appointment ?
If yes,
Can we use parameter and doing an iterate, the same way we use “sendemail” to send some messages to different people with individual topic.

Hi Stephane,

EasyMorph doesn’t have a ready-to-use action for sending calendar invitations. Perhaps, if find documentation on the HTML structure of Outlook emails with calendar appointments, you might be able to generate such HTML in email messages in EasyMorph. But that won’t be easy.

thanks for the answer.

Hi, Stephane,

My ears perk up when I see a reference to an Office app… EasyMorph provides a “gateway” to MS Office apps via the “Run VBA macro” command of the “Excel command” action. VBA can connect from any Office app to any Office app.

You could create a VBA macro in Excel that accepts arguments from EasyMorph, fires up Outlook, passes in the arguments, builds the calendar item, and sends the email (from Outlook). Rough idea.