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Order of execution between iterations / repeat iterations


I’m having an issue with the export of data into Excel (instead of appending and exporting 200000 rows, which is what I would expect, it is just appending and exporting 170000). The append + export actions are in a module that gets called in a “repeat” action. The result table of this repeat action is not the table where the Excel export action is located, its another one that could get calculated before the append + export happens on the other table.

My “Repeat” action is “UNTIL Result table is Empty”. So if the result table is calculated and not empty, could it be that the “Repeat” action iterates the module again immediately, without waiting for the other tables of the module to finish calculating (in my case, the append + Excel export), leaving the export half way there? This is the only reason that I can find.

If this is the case, I will use the “synchronize action” in the result table to make sure that the append + Excel actions in the other table always get done completely.



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