Oracle TNS connection : need ldap server?

For Oracle TNS connection, easymorph is asking for a LDAP Server. I don’t know why and other tools juste use my “tnsnames.ora” file. Is this mandatory for easymorph to have this ldap server ?

EasyMorph comes with a native Oracle driver made by Oracle. It could be the the driver is asking for something. EasyMorph doesn’t request a LDAP connection or anything related to LDAP at all. Typically, having right system variables (such as ORAHOME) is sufficient to work with TNS.

Can you attach a screenshot?

My sqlnet.ora contains :

It means if i understand that it must first try ldap then tnsnames if failure. When i use other software like SQL Developer or BI tools, i have no problem with oracle client.

It’s not immediately clear why the driver behaves like that. EasyMorph is requesting a list of table names from the driver using a regular SQL query. It doesn’t look at sqlnet.ora or anything else Oracle-specific.

Keep in mind that EasyMorph is a user space application running under your user account, not a system-wide application running under an administrator account. Your user account might not have necessary permissions for the driver.

You can also try setting up a TNS ODBC connection (64-bit) and use it from EasyMorph as an ODBC connection, instead of a native one. A system ODBC connection would run in the system space.

Ok, quite strange

without LDAP, it’s working, good to know


EasyMorph uses ODP.NET, Managed Driver and it seems that it resolves TNS a little bit differently than drivers, used in SQL Developer and other BI tools. Managed Driver fails when NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH setting starts with LDAP but there is no proper configuration for an LDAP service.

The workaround here is to remove LDAP from NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH, as you have already established.