Oracle Date filtered in query editor => TIMESTAMP cast

I have a table with column of type DATE and I want to compare it to a date. Easymorph casts the column in TIMESTAMP. It’s not good for performance. The oracle execution plan does not like it. In my case my table is partitionned by DATE and timestamp function has bad effect on partition selection : the query is far longer than expected.

In order to avoid cast, it should just use TO_DATE function on the other side of comparison and column should not be casted.

Hi Romain,

Since Oracle’s DATE type can store time it’s treated by EasyMorph as a “Date with time” type. Hence the TIMESTAMP literal and CAST to TIMESTAMP(3) (max fractional seconds precision which is supported by EasyMorph).

Let’s discuss possible workarounds in your other topic: In query editor, add the possibility to use expression as filter