Option to select ALL/NONE Sheets to import from Excel spreadsheet


It would be cool to have the option to select ALL sheets (and NONE, so they can also be deselected massively) to import in the “Import Excel spreadsheet” action, so that if you have many sheets you don’t have to select them one by one:



Note taken. Moved the topic to #feature-requests

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Any idea when this would be available ?

Hi there, is this already somehow possible (select all sheets independent of the number of sheets in de file)? My source is an Excel file (xlsx) with mutiple, but each time a different number of, sheets)

It’s still not possible to load all sheets in one action. The workaround is to use the “Spreadsheet metadata” to list all sheet names, then use iterations to load each sheet individually and append the results into one table.

See also:

Thanks. Already thought of that. I will look at the examples. Thanks again.