Option to keep PC awake when processing

Would be great to have an explicit option to keep the PC awake when running actions to stop it going into sleep mode.

It looks more like a general Windows power management issue than EasyMorph-related. There should be some utilities that keep Windows awake when CPU usage is high or something like that.

Other apps I use that can take an unpredictable amount of time seem to be able to override this, e.g. Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve when rendering videos…

TBH when I’m using EasyMorph my system doesn’t seem to use that much CPU for what I do! I’ll have to find one of my old EasyMorph projects that’s not optimised but I think it will be more limited by the SSD speed than anything else for what I’m doing.

Next time I do a run I’ll double check and post a screenshot.

I guess most users would be using the server edition for this kind of thing, i.e. it’s always on!

What would be the best way to implement this feature?

It seems that preventing the PC from going into sleep mode while project recalculation is still in progress should be the default behavior.

Should we also keep the screen on?

Should we add an option that will let the PC go into sleep mode? What would be the use cases for that option?

I would leave the monitor settings alone, just stop the PC from going to sleep.

In terms of letting the PC go into sleep mode, that depends on how EasyMorph deals with that situation - will it continue the processing at the point the PC went to sleep, and more importantly without any errors?

If there is any doubt in this I would not allow the PC to go to sleep.

I guess another useful feature would be a guestimate of how long a process might take?


When the processing screen pops up, maybe a reminder that the PC will not go to sleep while the processes are running?