Operations on whole table


I would like to know if there is a way on making some operations affect the whole table in easymorph. What i would like to turn to uppercase all text columns on a table, and also fill all the empty spaces in the table with “NULL”.
Is there a way to do this without repeating the same action in every column?


Hi Sebastian,

There are 2 techniques how to apply a calculation to all columns:

Unpivot, Calculate, Pivot back

It’s simple and works well on small tables. Unpivot your table so that values of all columns become one column, do the calculation using one expression and one action, then pivot it back. See the example here:

And here:

Use the Iterate Column action

The “Iterate columns” action is designed exactly for complex table-wide operations. Unlike the regular “Iterate” action, “Iterate columns” iterates not across rows, but across columns.

This technique is more difficult to understand than the 1st one, however, it allows dealing with very large tables with hundreds of millions of data points, and rather complex scenarios.

See documentation here: https://help.easymorph.com/doku.php?id=transformations:iteratecolumns

I used the iterate column and it worked wonderfully. Also it was great being able to exclude some columns since I just wanted to do this in the text columns, and exclude some columns with dates.

I tried using it before but i was confused. The link you shared helped me a lot.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: